Track Label Album/Compilation
Uncle Mavis T.I.P. 3D
Shiva 3
Z to A
Destination Devastation   Psychedelic Vibes 2
Next Stop Oblivion M-Track Goa Head
Goa Vibes III
Platform 1
Next Stop Oblivion (remix) Trust in Trance Psychedelic Vibes 1
White Powder   Psychedelic Vibes 4
Waterworld   Goa Head 7
Zen Cats
Ark Angel 7 Transient Mashed Mellow Grooves
Zen Paradox
Eternal Brainway Psy Harmonic  
From the Shore of a Distant Land Psy Harmonic  
Say Goodbye to ... Psy Harmonic  
The Light at the End ... Psy Harmonic  
Zodiac Youth
Atoms (Angel Fish remix) Dragonfly Order Odonata 2
Devil's Circus
Devil's Circus (Elysium mix) Dragonfly pulse 5
Devil's Circus
Don't Smoke Acid (Elysium mix) Dragonfly Devil's Circus
False Prophet (MWNN remix) Dragonfly Goa Head 4
Tantrance 5
Devil's Circus
Fast Forward the Future (Voodoo Ppl) Dragonfly Order Odonata 2
Voyage into Trance
Devil's Circus
Fast Forward the Future (Hallucinogen mix) Dragonfly Distance to Goa 3
Devil's Circus
Mighty Blutwurst Dragonfly Devil's Circus
Mr Redeemer Dragonfly Tantrance 3
Devil's Circus
Spirit of madness Melodia Trance Mix 7