Track Label Album/Compilation
Auronix Tunnel We Created Our Happiness
Automatic Lover Tunnel  
Automatic X Tunnel Trip to Trancesylvania
Brain Forest   Psychedelic Vibes 4
Children of the Last Generation Flying Rhino Retrodelica
Children of the Last Generation Tunnel Trip to Trancesylvania
C.O.T.L.G. (rmx) Tunnel Trip to Trancesylvania
Coming Soon Blue Room Psychedelic Vibes 6
Create Your Own Happiness Flying Rhino First Flight
Do You Believe Transient Goa Vibes II
Transient 2
Do You Believe Tunnel Tunnel Trance Force 2
We Created Our Happiness
Electromagnetic Blue Room Radio
Eleven Tunnel Tunnel Trance Force 1
We Created Our Happiness
Freak Blue Room Made on Earth
Imagine if the World was on Trip   Distance to Goa 3
Trance from Israel
Intercorporal Stimulator Blue Room Psychedelic Vibes 6
Jungl Garden Koyote X-Plore  
Live Fast, Die Young Tunnel Trip to Trancesylvania
No Blue Room Trip Through Sound
Oscillator Blue Room Radio
Out of Your Control Blue Room Radio
Panic In Paradise T.I.P. Shiva 2
Panic In paradise Tunnel pulse 5
Piece Blue Room More Signs of Life
Pollinator - Clone    
Protoplasm Tunnel Global Psychedelic Trance 2
Psychoactivity Trust in Trance Psychedelic Vibes 1
Psychomachine Blue Room Goa Head 7
Radio Blue Room Radio
Rain Phonokol Psychedelic Vibes 5
Rain Tunnel Tantrance 7
Rain Twisted Travelling 5
Relax Vortex T.I.P. Infinite Excursions
Top of the TIPs 2
Relax Vortex Tunnel Global Psychedelic Trance 2
We Created Our Happiness
S.T.O.P. Blue Room Goa Raume 3
Independence Trance Revival
Screw Tunnel We Created Our Happiness
Telegram Blue Room Radio
The 5th Dimension Step 2 House Love Peace & Techno
The 5th Dimension Tunnel Trip to Trancesylvania
The Frog Blue Room Radio
The Second Room Tunnel Tantrance 3
Goa Vibes III
trancentral 6
Tunnel rance Force 4
We Creatd Our Happiness
This Tunnel Tunnel Trance Force 1
Trip to Trancesylvania
Time Begins Tommorow Tunnel Trip to Trancesylvania
Trancesylvania X-Press Tunnel Trip to Trancesylvania
Zebra Tunnel Distance to Goa 3
Tunnel Trance Force 5
We Created Our Happiness
X-Dream & Spiralkinder
Blah Nova Tekk Alien Airport
Distorted Reality Headshot Destination Goa 5
X-Tension Aquarius
Welcome to Mars BTM Boa Trance
X-Trance feat. Anja
The Commitment BMI/Melodia Trance Mix 2
God Meets Ganesh Gaia Tontrager  
Legend of Kamasutra Gaia Tontrager  
Tweeker Unreleased  
Xen A Kiss
Electric Skies Trance X Cetera  
Fires of Orc Trance X Cetera  
Abonimations Koyote Cassandra's Nightmare
Acid for Blood Koyote Cassandra's Nightmare
Apocaliptic Ritual Koyote Cassandra's Nightmare
Cassandra's Nightmare Koyote Cassandra's Nightmare
Chimera Shadow Koyote Limitlessness
Hallucinatory Spheres Koyote Cassandra's Nightmare
Mind Puzzle Koyote Enlightment
Necroid Millenium Koyote Cassandra's Nightmare
Neurotoxin Koyote Limitless
Obscure Spectre Koyote pulse 5
Cassandra's Nightmare
Telepahtics Combat Koyote  
Torrent of Insanity Koyote Cassandra's Nightmare
Blast that Rock HOMmega Freestyle
Bug 2000 HOMmega Freestyle
Exiles Melodia Trance Mix 7
Gravity Waves Krembo Psychedelic Krembo 2
Gravity Waves (Infected rmx) HOMmega Freestyle
Highly Classidied Project HOMmega Freestyle
Jungle Fever HOMmega Freestyle
Mascok HOMmega Freestyle
Oriental Funk HOMmega Freestyle
Science of God HOMmega Freestyle
Tune In HOMmega Freestyle
Xerox & Freeman
Amazon HOMmega Full On 3
Are we Happy? M.D.M.A. Goa Head 7
Future Navigators
Spiritual Moves
Bees (live mix) Hom Mega Human Race
Cellurian (rmx) M.D.M.A. Future Navigators
Dellurian Krembo Psychedelic Krembo 2
Eternal Match Trust in Trance Israels Psychedelic Trance 3
Extra Hard Sounds Hom Mega Human Race
Fata Morgana Hom Mega Travelling 5
Full On
Getafreak Hom Mega Full On
Gravity Waves (Infected Mushroom remix) HOMmega  
Gravity Waves (Zombie remix) Hom Mega Human Race
Impact Team Hom Mega Human Race
Karina ('98 remix) Hom Mega Human Race
Kayazulu Hom Mega Human Race
Lemon Head Melodia Trance Mix 8
Stars Wars Melodia Trance Mix 8
The Human Race Hom Mega Human Race
Time Bubbles HOMmega I S R Aliens
Virus Hunter Hom Mega Human Race
Xerox & Freeman vs Liquid Metal
Return of the Amazon HOMmega  
Xerox & P. Cok
Mascok Hom Mega  
A Dream game Nephilim Electric Rites
Annunaki Nephilim Electric Rites
Beyond the Brain Nephilim Electric Rites
Broken Spirals Nephilim Goa Head 7
A Taste of Nephilim

Electric Rites
Clockwork Clown Nephilim Electric Rites
Demon Flower Nephilim Electric Rites
Digital Breakfast Nephilim Electric Rites
Dussehra Nephilim Electric Rites
Electric Trip Nephilim Electric Rites
From Single Cell to Multiply Nephilim Electric Rites
Slow Mutation    
Hole in the Sky Nephilim Electric Rites
Klangwelt Nephilim Electric Rites
Life at Atropa Nephilim Electric Rites
Mandrsgora Nephilum Travelling 4
Mindphaser Nephilim Electric Rites
PSI-Lock Nephilim Electric Rites
Scatterd Light Nephilim Electric Rites
Shadows and Flashes Matsuri Forever Psychedelic
Shifting Shiva Nephilim Electric Rites
Shizophonic   Matsuri
The Trip of the Space Goblin Nephilim Electric Rites
Window to Reality Nephilim Electric Rites
Trance Mission   Dance to Cybertrance
Audiomassage:Snuskee Arab Xochi Travelling 4