Track Label Album/Compilation
Hairstyles of the Cosmos
Bald Marshon Cabbaged  
Hairy Venushon Cabbaged  
7th Sun    
Alpha Centauri Dragonfly Twisted
Angelic Particles T.I.P. Distance to Goa 2
Shiva 1
T.I.P. Orange
Astral Pancakes Dragonfly pulse 1
Dark Magus Dragonfly Twisted
Demention Twisted Goa Head 6
The Lone Deranger
Deranger Twisted Distance to Goa 5
The Lone Deranger
Fluoro Neuro Sponge Dragonfly Tantrance 1
Gamma Goblins T.I.P. Shiva 2
Gamma Goblins Pt.2 Twisted Goa Head 5
The Lone Deranger
HorrorGram Twisted The Lone Deranger
Jiggle of the Sphinx Twisted Goa Head 4
pulse 5
The Lone Deranger
LSDoof remix Dragonfly  
LSD Dragonfly Voyage into Trance
Order Odonata 1
Majic T.I.P. Beyond Color
Orphic Resonanse   Earth trance
Orphic Thrench Dragonfly Twisted
Shamanix Dragonfly Twisted
Shamanix T.I.P. Shiva 1
T.I.P. Yellow
Shamanix (rmx) T.I.P. Shiva 2
T.I.P. Blue
Top of the TIPs 2
Snakey Shaker Twisted Destination Goa 5
Chakra Red
The Lone Deranger
Snarline Black Mabel Dragonfly Distance to Goa 3
Voyage into Trance
Snarling (remix) Twisted The Lone Deranger
Solstice Flying Rhino Retrodelica
Solstice Dragonfly Twisted
Soothsayer T.I.P. Tantrance 3
Shiva 2
Singles 2
Soothsayer (The Lysurgeic Warning Remix) T.I.P. Phosphorecent
Space Pussy Dragonfly Destination Goa 2
Spike Pyramid Deep Trance & Ritual Beats
Spiritual Antiseptic Twisted Tantrance 6
Synthesizzler Twisted Tantrance 5
Thugs in Tie-Dye Dragonfly  
Trancespotter Dragonfly Galaxy of Psi-Trance
trancentral 5
Voyage into Trance
Trancespotter Flying Rhino First Flight
Trancespotter Twisted The Lone Deranger
Hallucinogen & Baba G
Dig a Jig Dragonfly  
Chaos Galaxy BMI/Melodia Trance Mix 3
Circle of Light Melodia Trance Mix 3
Trance Mixim
Cowboy on Mars Nephilim  
Inter-Zone Unnatural / Phonokol Trans Nova Express
Interzone 2000 MDMA Arsim on Acid
Journey to Space Unnatural / Phonokol Trans Nova Express
New Form of Life BMI/Melodia Trance Mix 3
New Life   Destination Goa 6
New Pagan World Nephilim  
Onto the Wilderness Nephilim  
Outer Zone Unnatural / Phonokol Trans Nova Express
Pagan Moon Child Nephilim  
Rain Dance   Pergon Acid 1
Rainy Day MDMA Arsim on Acid
Running Horses (Morning mix) Trust in Trance Israels Psychedelic Trance 3
The Scanner Nephilim  
Tunnel of Insanity Nephilim  
Wild Hunt   Spiritual Trance 1
Wild Life Unnatural / Phonokol Trans Nova Express
Wonderland Blue Room Outside the Reactor
Wonderland Nephilim  
Har-El Prussky & Yaniv Haviv
Something Wrong in Dreaming Melodia Trance Mix 3
Trance Mixim
Hara Gobi
303 Gold Naja Greetings from Goa
Slow Motion Naja pulse 4
Startraveller Spirit Zone  
The Real Trance Unreleased Holy Mushroom
Coz I Did Matsuri Feel the Noyze
Harmonic Interface
Skalker Metropolitan  
Discoder (Blue Amazon remix) Hook Tantrance 5
Head Shop Boys
Into the Drone BTM Boa Trance
Work My Mind (Steve Mason & Pepe rmx) Transient Transient 1
Paranoid   Cyberlove
Hearts of Space
With a Medium into Trance Melodia Trance Mix 1
Cubic Space   Trance from Israel
Hi Phuk
High on Wire Kajoonk Ptzatzot 2
Hiscore Xor
Identify Polytox  
Tacker Polytox  
True Freedom Polytox  
True Freedom Symbiosis Accidental Occidentalism
Message from Tokyo Sony / DR Mix me Holly
Mix me Holly Sony / DR Mix me Holly
Monkey Business Sony / DR Mix me Holly
Nicht or Not Sony / DR Mix me Holly
Red Point Sony / DR Mix me Holly
Tarzan 2000 Sony / DR Mix me Holly
The Last Universe Sony / DR Mix me Holly
War and Peace Sony / DR Mix me Holly
Z Melody Sony / DR Mix me Holly
Human Blue
Planetarium Transient Transient 7
Psychotic Spiral Trax  
Stonehenge Spiral Trax  
Hux Flux
Mysco Spirit Zone Tales from the Forest
Perceptor Koyote  
Reflux   Destination Goa 7
Short Circuit Koyote Limitlessness
Time Slices Koyote Limitlessness
Roasted Witch Discovery Shiva Space Technology Israel
Sun Flow Starchild Tripout
Tribal Encore Starchild Tripout
Fantasian Transient  
Joker Transient