Track Label Album/Compilation
100's Sunsets Twisted DeMenTertainment
Itchy & Scratchy Twisted Goa Head 7
Mendax Phantasm Hardtrance & Psychedelic Techno
Contact 21:3 Tantrance 7
Night Tunnel Travelling 3
Orientirance   The Prophets of Psychedelic Trance
Panacea (Cosmosis remix) Transient Taste of Transient
Panacea (Transient remix) Transient Transient 1
Panacea (Cosmosis remix) Polytox Heavy Mental Music
The Awakening Transient Transient 3
The Flame Transient Transient 2
Fatima Mansions
The Loyaliser (Juno Reactor mix) Blue Room Outside the Reactor
Calibrate Boom Double Dipped
Automatic Perfecto Fluoro  
Automatic Transient  
Forbidden (Eurasian mix) Transient Taste of Transient
Redemption Transient Earth Dance
Universal Transient  
Flotation Device
Baby (2nd Day mix)   Distance to Goa 3
Fluoro Conspiracy
Ancient Suns Psy Harmonic Psy Harmonic 3
Ancient Suns Matsuri Feel the Noyze
Ancient Suns Transient Goa Head 4
Wizardry of Oz
Chapel Perilous Transient Wizardry of Oz
Stylophone Matsuri Abstract Phaze
Fluoro Conspiracy & The Visitors
Wizardry of Oz Taster Transient  
Flying Sticker
Anagram POF Electro-Psychedelic Trance
Khomos POF  
Lady Neutron POF Nataraja 2
Force of Nature
Eye Trippin   Distance to Goa 1
Fools & Tools
Hundreds of Sunsets (mono mix) Twisted Dementertainment
Four Carry Nuts
Cychedelic Punk Aurinko  
Donuts Aurinko Travelling 5
pulse 6
Grape Fruit    
Nuts Without Sugar 3rd eye Holy Mushroom
Kay Sea Isle Aurinko Score
Total Recall Aurinko Tantrance 6
Weird Egg 3rd eye Holy Mushroom
pulse 4
Status X Circles Greetings From Goa
Freak Disciple
Freedom Engine Flying Rhino Second Flight
Freakquency Generator
Faceless   Tranced Out 777
Plexus Energy Flow Pyramid The Chakra Journey
Free Kim
Mid Desert Koyote Enlightment
Mid Desert Hom-Mega Full On
Mind Desert POF Nataraja 3
Bull's Eyes M.D.M.A. /
Planet Music
Spiritual Moves
Bull's Eyes Planet Music Trance Generations
The Craft Hom-Mega Hom-Mega
Freeman vs Liquid Metal
Liquid Noise Matsuri Forever Psychedelic
Optical Crystal HOMmega Full On 2
Tour the France Melodia Trance Mix 9
Friends Lovers & Family
Diamond Lil's BMI/Melodia Trance Mix 4
Fripic Bounce
Clerkdrive Phanwiz Boom Psychoactive Scandosounds
Front 242
Headhunter 2000 (Apoptygma Berzerk-Remix) Nova Tekk Alien Airport
Front Line Assambly
Colombian Necktie (Cydonia remix) M.A.S.H. Goa Head 6
Colombian Necktie (Tim Schuldt mix) M.A.S.H. pulse 6
Evil Playground (Tim Schuldt rmx) M.D.M.A. Pure MDMA - Selected Vibes 1
Grit Your Teeth (Cydonia remix)    
Regenarate 21:3  
Skweel 21,3  
Skwirm 21,3  
Future Human Unity
Freeway POF Nataraja 3
Over POF Electro-Psychedelic Trance
Urantia POF Nataraja 3
Future Prophecy
Advaita Big Foot / Helicon Seeds of Rage
Akasha Big Foot / Helicon Seeds of Rage
Aperetif   Future Prophecy
At the Rim of Chasm (Pt. 1) Big Foot / Helicon Shadow
At the Rim of Chasm (Pt. 2) Big Foot / Helicon Shadow
Bizarre   Future Prophecy
Brahman Big Foot / Helicon Seeds of Rage
Dungeons of Wander Big Foot / Helicon Shadow
Final Vision Big Foot / Helicon Shadow
Freak Big Foot / Helicon Shadow
Frezbee Kajoonk Ptzatzot
Future Prophecy   Future Prophecy
Gaia Kajoonk Ptzatzot
Galaxy   Future Prophecy
Indra Big Foot / Helicon Seeds of Rage
Jiva Big Foot / Helicon Seeds of Rage
Maya Big Foot / Helicon Seeds of Rage
Nomad in Space Big Foot / Helicon Shadow
Peace Conference   Future Prophecy
Picture of the Universe Big Foot / Helicon Shadow
Reflection Big Foot / Helicon Shadow
Ritual   Future Prophecy
Seeds of Rage Big Foot / Helicon Seeds of Rage
Sunrise   Future Prophecy
Varuna Big Foot / Helicon Seeds of Rage
Vertigo   Future Prophecy
Viveka Big Foot / Helicon Seeds of Rage
Yesterday   Future Prophecy
Fuzzy Logic
Barrel Organic trancentral 7
Space Invalder Organic