Track Label Album/Compilation
Comorius POF Nataraja 3
Liberation POF Electro-Psychedelic Trance
Tandori Man POF Nataraja 3
Trading Faces Metropolitan  
California Sunshine
Alala Phonokol Miko & Har-El
Alala Lesson 2 Unnatural Imperia
Avalanche Unnatural Imperia
Born Again Phonokol Nasha
Break the Rules Unnatural Imperia
California Sunshine Phonokol Miko & Har-El
Canibali Phonokol Miko & Har-El
Flashback Kajoonk Ptzatzot
Green Sky Unnatural Imperia
Imperia Unnatural Imperia
Imperia (rmx) Phonokol Independence Trance Revival
Jajo Phonokol Tantrance 7
Last Feeling (with Juan Vendera) Phonokol Nasha
Never Stop Phonokol Nasha
Other Line Phonokol Nasha
Rain (California Sunshine remix, original by Boris Blenn) Phonokol Nasha
Randomly Unnatural Imperia
Red Line Phonokol Nasha
Shintu Shanti Unnatural Travelling 4
Tears in my Eyes Phonokol Miko & Har-El
The Eight Day Phonokol Miko & Har-El
The New King Phonokol Miko & Har-El
The Legend Unnatural Imperia
The Only One Unnatural Imperia
Tokyo Underground Phonokol Goa Head 7
Travel in Time Phonokol Miko & Har-El
Travel In Time Unnatural Travelling 4
Whirlpool Kajoonk Ptzatzot 2
X-Wave (feat. Rough & Rush) Phonokol Goa Head 6
Captain Black
Dark Universe Meridian  
Sliding Meridian  
Captain Unplugged
30's Free   The Prophets of Psychedelic Trance 2
Carribian Sunrise
From The Beginning TIT Trust In Trance 1
Cass vs Slide
Mephisto's Child Flying Rhino Tantrance 8
Fifth Flight
Castle Trancelott
Buffalo Returning Pyramid Deep Trance & Ritual Beats
China Zones    
Indoctrinate Movin' Melodies  
Second Crusade Movin' Melodies  
Cat on Mushroom
The Fly 3D Vision Psycho Tropic
Cat von Trapp
Reaper Girl Pyramid Sacred Sites
The Green Ray Pyramid The Chakra Journey
What! Platipus  
1+1=1 Ceiba Language of Light
Evolution Transient Earthdance
Kiranga Ceiba Language of Light 2
Linaga Ceiba Language of Light 2
Pacal Ceiba Language of Light
Rainbow Warrior Ceiba Language of Light
Sky Spirit Pyramid Sacred Sites
The Thing Ceiba  
Druid Neon Circles of Mania
Electrospiritism Neon Access to Innerspace
Flavour of Extraordinary Neon Access to Innerspace
High Tance Neon Access to Innerspace
Le Freak Total Neon Access to Innerspace
Let It Burn Neon Access to Innerspace
Maibn Power Core Neon Access to Innerspace
Makewaver Boom Sonic Boom
Moonshine Neon Access to Innerspace
Sailing Down The Cosmic Seas Neon Circles of Mania
The Link Neon Access to Innerspace
Wishing 2000 Neon Access to Innerspace
Celtic Cross
Darshannan   Goa Head 7
Louden Nova Tekk Alien Airport
Hallucinator Melodia Trance Mix 6
Hallucinator Symbiosis Balagan
Spider Melodia Psychedelic Voodoo
Trance Mix 6
Chakra & Avi
Insignificant form of Life Dragonfly Chakra Red
Chakra & Edi Mis
Barbarian Krembo Promised Land
Brain in the Box Krembo Promised Land
Club Mad Krembo Promised Land
Combine Harvester Krembo Promised Land
Final Mission Krembo Destination Goa 1
Promised Land
Final Mission Phantasm Fill Your Head 2
Hell Razor Puzzle Krembo Promised Land
Liquid Troll Krembo Travelling 2
trancentral 5
Destination Goa 7
Promised Land
X-Files (original mix) Krembo Promised Land
X-Files (Monkey mix) Dragonfly Order Odonata 2
X-Files (Monkey mix) Krembo pulse 2
Chakra & Nada
Intensive Psychedelic Care Matsuri Resonanse Moods
Bamboo Rush TTT Tokyo Techno Tribe
Brain Structure TTT Tokyo Techno Tribe 2
Incense TTT Tokyo Techno Tribe
Padomania TTT  
Psycho Active TTT Tokyo Techno Tribe 2
Second Impulse TTT Tokyo Techno Tribe 2
Chemical Synthesis
Battle Zone BNE Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy BNE Final Fantasy
New World BNE Final Fantasy
Pink Panther BNE Final Fantasy
Scream Dream BNE Final Fantasy
The Last BNE Final Fantasy
The Tripy & The Brain BNE Final Fantasy
Travel Between Planets BNE Final Fantasy
Virtual Sami BNE Final Fantasy
Chi - A.D.
01:07:99 Velvet / Nova Tekk After Ever (Live mix) Medium  
Animatrix Blue Moon Blue Moon 1
Anno Domini Velvet / Nova Tekk Astral Warrior Ganesha / Nova Tekk Chakra Red
Goa Head 5
Virtual Spirit
Astral Warrior (rmx) Medium Goa Head 6
Chakra Blue
Astral Warrior (remix) Phonokol Psychedelic Vibes 5
Awakenings Medium Happy Rave 11
Beyong the Singularity Transient Tantrance 7
Another Taste of Transient
Biocandy Blue Moon Blue Moon 1
C.12 Starchild Psychedelic Vibes 6
Sonic Message
Celestial Blue Moon Goa Head 8
Chakra Green
Blue Moon 1
Exit Eternity Phonokol Psychedelic Vibes 5
Exit Eternity Transient  
Eye Am the I Organic Destination Goa 6
Tantrance 8
Dream Creation
Healing Magic Ganesha / Nova Tekk Virtual Spirit
Inner Energy Ganesha / Nova Tekk Virtual Spirit
Machine Brain Medium Goodfellas
Moonart Velvet / Nova Tekk Anno Domini
Organic Forms Ganesha / Nova Tekk Virtual Spirit
Organic Forms Insolation Psychedelic Demons
Paranormal Activity (Spooky) Ganesha / Nova Tekk Goa Head 4
Virtual Spirit
Pathfinder Velvet / Nova Tekk Phoenix Rising Phantasm  
Purity Ganesha  
Purity Leguan/Nova Tekk Rave Mission 12
Redivider Velvet / Nova Tekk Redivider Phantasm  
Sacred Vision Ganesha / Nova Tekk Virtual Spirit
Serpent's Fire Ganesha / Nova Tekk Virtual Spirit
Shadow Spirit Velvet / Nova Tekk Spirit Chaos Unlimited Zep Tepi
State of Mind Ganesha / Nova Tekk Virtual Spirit
The Flame Insolation Psychedelic Demons 2
The Flame Velvet / Nova Tekk The Ocean Also Dreams Ganesha / Nova Tekk Virtual Spirit
Children of Paradise (COP)
Alien Nation Blue Room Psychedelic Vibes 3
Alien Nation Pt. 1 Nova Tekk Urban Alien
Alien Nation Pt. 2 Nova Tekk trancentral 8
Tantrance 8
Alien Airport
Urban Alien
Bloodsuckers Nova Tekk Urban Alien
Concrete Canyon Nova Tekk Urban Alien
El Nino Nova Tekk Urban Alien
Fair in the Dragon Forest Nova Tekk Goa Head 8
Urban Alien
New Cop Nova Tekk Urban Alien
Z' sY Nova Tekk Urban Alien
Children of the Doc
Bionic Bong Phonokol Psychedelic Vibes 5
Impossible Vortex Hom Mega I S R Aliens
Martian Civilization HOMmega Full On 2
Martian Civilization (Domestic Goblins remix)   Goa Head 7
Police 106 Melodia Trance Mix 9
Police 106 (remix) HOMmega Full On 3
Welcome Friends Trust in Trance Israels Psychedelic Trance 3
Children of the Doc & DJ Lestat
Creatures from Outer Space Unreleased  
Children of the Bong
Return Home Transient Mashed Mellow Grooves
Skyward Bound Transient Mashed Mellow Grooves
Chop More Zui
Ehom   Travelling 5
Chris Zippel
Electeaser/Eternum Organic  
Chris Organic & Jeremy Parsons
Telekinetic Organic Exploring Another Reality
Coca (with Buzkraft) 3D Vision Psychedelic
No Name (with DJ Jean Borelli) 3D Vision Psychedelic
KLM (with DJ Mael) Transient Chakra Red
Dance Trance & Magic Plants
KLM remix (with DJ Mael) 3D Vision Psychedelic
Seadog Platipus Platipus 1
Climax Absolute
Big Brother Is Watching You Step 2 House Frenchy & Chic
Croufiouse Aquarius Indian Beats
Unearthly Song BNE UFS
Coloured Vision
Violet Rain BMI/Melodia Trance Mix 4
Eight Hole Transient Transient 6
Fusing of Tones TIT Israels Psychedelic Trance 1
Comet (Oforia)
Illuminated Melodia Trance Mix 9
Compassion Family
Steady Wisdom   trancentral 5
Blue Nervocity Spirit Zone Tales from the Forest
Oyo Koyote Enlightment
Conspiracy Theory
Aural Focus Phantasm  
Project Oblivion Cabbaged A Party is For Life, Not Just for Christmas
Project Oblivion Phantasm Psychedelic Voodoo
Goa Head 5
Psychedelic Visions 2
Fill Your Head 4
Brain Surgery   The Prophets of Psychedelic Trance
Clairaudiance Pyramid The Chakra Journey
Cosmic Navigators
Electric Energy HOMmega Full On 2
The First Tour M.D.M.A. /
Planet Music
Future Navigators
Spiritual Moves
Blending Together Boom Flammable
Curiosity Killed the Cat Boom Sonic Boom
Drifting Boom Flammable
Explain This    
Gravitational Fluctuation Boom Flammable
I am God? Boom Flammable
Leaving Laughing Gas Boom Flammable
Pandoras Box Boom Sonic Boom
Plankton Travelling Boom Double Dipped
Protein Code Boom Flammable
Psycho Train Neon Circles of Mania
Rew FFwd Boom Flammable
Sleep Paralysis    
Sticky World Boom Flammable
Stratocaster Superstring/Boom  
Stratocaster 12 Boom Flammable
Cosmos Diplomatik
Science Lab Blue Room More Signs of Life
Afterglow Transient Cosmology
Alien Disco Transient Cosmology
Atom Bom Transient Dance Trance & Magic Plants
Atomic Funfare Transient  
Canabanoid Transient Tantrance 1
Dawn of an Era Transient Transient Dawn
Dance of Man Transient  
Danse Ta Figure Transient  
Danse Ta Figure Polytox Heavy Mental Music
Deus Transient Transient 2
Deus (Agnostic mix) Transient Travelling 1
Do It ! Transient  
Down At the Crossroads Transient Synergy
Emmanations Transient  
Gift of the Gods Transient Transient 3
Hardcore Harvey   Unreleased
Higher Access Transient Synergy
Howling at the Moon Transient pulse 3
trancentral 6
Intergalactic Fluoro Funkster Transient Synergy
Interspacial Meltdown Transient Cosmology
Key to Universe Transient Greetings from Goa
trancentral 5
a Taste of Transient
Moonshine Transient Goa Head 5
Tantrance 6
Morphic Resonanse Transient Tantrance 2
Definition of Goa
Oceanic Transient Cosmology
Outer Limits Transient  
Pigs in Space Transient  
PsychoFunk Transient Transient 4
Reality Check Transient Transient 5
Rub a Dub Dub Transient Mashed Mellow Grooves
San Yacid Transient Galaxy of Psi-Trance
pulse 2
Pure Goa
Spores from Space Transient Synergy
Telekinetic Pyramid The Chakra Journey
The Big Bang Boogie Transient Synergy
The Ultimate Sin Transient Synergy
Turn on, Tune in Transient Synergy
Cosmosis & DJ Kuma
Grindwinder Transient Transient 7
Crop Circles
Antonomasia Auracle  
Different Species Auracle Psychedelic Voodoo
Duffy Duck Unreleased  
Full Mental Jackpot Auracle pulse 5
Tantrance 5
trancentral 7
Full Mental Jackpot (Final Remix) Auracle  
Full Mental Jackpot (Pleiadians remix)   Psychedelic Vibes 4
Lunar Civilization Auracle Destination Goa 5
Killer Joke Unreleased  
Pendagon Unreleased  
Cross Breed
Brix Spirit Zone  
The 7th Level Spirit Zone  
Cubic Space Collective
Hemisphere Phantasm Fill Your Head 2
160 Madness Blue Room Illegal
Down to Earth Blue Room Illegal
I don't Wanna Shrink Blue Room Illegal
I Wanna Expand Blue Room Distance to Goa 5
Karmachanics Symbiosis Distance to Goa 3
Accidrntal occidentalism
Memory Foam Blue Room Made On Earth
Portamental Blue Room Illegal
Seas of Pitch M-Track Distance to Goa 3
Platform 1
The Gathering
Tellus-D Blue Room Illegal
Who are You? Blue Room Illegal
DNA Explorer Transient  
Hydrophonics   trancentral 8
Inworld Journey Spirit Zone Global Psychedelic Trance 2
In Zen Shake Spirit Zone Global Psychedelic Trance 3
The Dreamonaut Spirit Zone Global Psychedelic Trance 2
Inspector Gadget Planet Music Trance Generations
Trippy HOMmega Full On 3
Well Done HOMmega Full On
Movement Within the 4th Dimension Ceiba Language of Light
Cyclone 7
Wheather Watching (Sundog remix) Phantasm Surrender to the Vibe
Anaconda Atomic Electrosect
Animal People Blue Room In Fear of a Red Planet
Animals Concept in Dance Tribal Science
Cactus Blue Room In Fear of a Red Planet
Freak Show Blue Room Tantrance 3
In Fear of a Red Planet
Haunted World Blue Room In Fear of a Red Planet
Lighting Rode Blue Room Psychedelic Vibes 6
In Fear of a Red Planet
Mind Hunter Blue Room In Fear of a Red Planet
Narco Nympho Blue Room Tantrance 8
In Fear of a Red Planet
Screaming Darkness Blue Room Trip Through Sound"
Why? Blue Room In Fear of a Red Planet
7 Theories of Human Nature Questionmark Anthology 1
7 Theories of Human Nature Twisted Alien Airport
I Music
Alternet Twisted I Music
Alternet (Deedrah remix) Twisted I Music
Anaesthesia Twisted I Music
Are You Near Death Experienced? Twisted I Music
Do You Wanna Do it Twisted I Music
Dubiantish Twisted I Music
Opium Twisted I Music
Psychedelic Junglistia   Distance to Goa 6
Riding on a White Rabbit Questionmark Anthology 1
Riding on a White Rabbit Twisted I Music
Starting to Feel Wery Weird Twisted I Music