Track Label Album/Compilation
All massive   Cyberlove
Antologen   The Prophets of Psychedelic Trance
Aban Don
Crystal TIT Trust in Trance 1
Journey Throw Your Mind TIT/Symbiosis Trust in Trance 1
State of Mind TIT Trust in Trance 2
State Of Mind (Metal mix) Transient Transient 2
Voodoo Experience TIT Trust in Trance 2
Biologic 3D Vision Psychedelic
Tantrance 5
Indigo 3D Vision Psycho Tropic
Wizzi Wizzy 3D Vision Psychedelic
XS 3D Vision Psychedelic
Red Sunset (rmx) Kajoonk Ptzatzot
Acid Breaks
Mogodon Circus TIP World Infinite Excursions 3
Acid Rockers
Interform AAA pulse 3
Matrix AAA  
Messages From Jupiter Blue Room Trip Through Sound II
Orion AAA  
There can be only 2 AAA  
Action Man
Inside Your Mind Nova Tekk Alien Airport
Inside your Mind Transient Mashed Mellow Grooves
Adrenalin Drum
Behind The Hills Unnatural Goa TelAviv
Desert Fly Unnatural Goa TelAviv
E-Dsopkia Javelin Spiritual Trance 2
God Mountain Unnatural Goa TelAviv
Destination Goa 4
Hard Dome Spirit Zone  
Heartbeat Melodia Trance Mix 8
Synco Fever Unnatural / Phonokol Trans Nova Express
The Electric Sleep    
The Hypotizer Spirit Zone  
Hard er Dreams Brand new Greetings From Goa
Acid Lab
Champagne Adodisc Tantrance 7
Invaders (with Lestat)    
What (with Mitsumotu) Krembo Psychedelic Krembo 2
Osho   Goa Head 5  
Trance Modulaire Ninetysix  
Aether Opti
Mystic Phantasm Fill Your Head 4
Chainsaw NMC Music  
Ensanity Peyote Tantrance 4
Interplanetary Explorer Cabbaged A Party is For Life,
not just for Christmas
Low Gravity Koyote Enlightment
Translucent Peyote  
Sentient Psychic Deli Psychedelic Electronica 2
Afro Trance
Spiritual Energy Flying Rhino Retrodelica
Ace of Wands Phantasm Tranced Out 777
Beings From Another World Phantasm Fill Your Head
Psychedelic Visions 2
Chupacabras Blue Room Signs Of Life
Alien Mutation
Cloudhopping Spirit Zone Global Psych. Trance 3
Goa Head 5
Free Return Matsuri Abstract Phaze
pulse 3
Distance to Goa 5
Injection Flying Rhino Second Flight
Lucky 7 Matsuri Let It Rip
Not For Children Flying Rhino Black Rhino
Aloha & CJ Kiff
Born To Be Wiiizz POF Nataraja 2
Abduction (Acid 303 mix) Spirit Zone Global Psych. Trance 3
Carnival Weird Intrinsic Rhytms
of the Brain
Cosmonaut Weird Intrinsic Rhytms
of the Brain
India Spirit Zone  
Neurozap Krembo Psychedelic Krembo 1
Tantrance 4
New Shoes Krembo Psychedelic Krembo 1
Goa Head 3
Amanite FX
Alfalfa Phantasm Psychedelic Visions 2
Fill Your Head 3
Travelling 2
Destination Goa 2
Daishonin POF Nataraja 2
No Nuclear Mushrooms Phantasm  
Secret Of Mana MCA Shabda
Secret Of Mana POF Nataraja
pulse 1
Trance-Mission POF  
Krakatoa   Suntrance 2
Back To Earth Aquarius  
Inner Space Aquarius  
Space Walk Aquarius  
Zero Gravity Aquarius  
Amir Dagan
Silver Angel   Goa TelAviv
Apocalyps-Hilan POF pulse 3
Trance Collector 2
Araxia POF Electro-Psychedelic
Biotron POF Nataraja 2
Les Mondes Inverses POF Electro-Psychedelic
namgyua POF  
Organic THC POF  
Second Time POF Nataraja 3
Y.O.D. POF  
Spheres Unreleased  
Analog Mohicans
Different Worlds Shiva Space Technology Digital Dance of Shiva
Analog Pussy
Anarchist Hadshot Haheizar / Balloonia Psycho Bitch from Hell
Flight to Trance Hadshot Haheizar / Balloonia Flow Control Dat/Chaos Unlimited  
Go Wacko! Hadshot Haheizar / Balloonia Psycho Bitch from Hell
Psycho Bitch from Hell Hadshot Haheizar / Balloonia Psycho Bitch from Hell
Space Janana (Monotone mix) Hadshot Haheizar / Balloonia Andorphia
Toasted Mushroom Starchild Tripout
Many Kisses M.D.M.A. Bom Bolenat
World in your Eyes Lisergica Travelling 4
Anacandy Blue Room  
Anesthesia Cosmic Comm.  
Aus Wak Blue Room P.V.C.
Dirty Kiss Blue Room P.V.C.
Dirty Kiss (Orb remix) Blue Room More Signs of Life
Dirty Kiss (Orb Remix) Nova Tekk Alien Airport
Global Blue Room P.V.C.
Nutella Toasted Blue Room P.V.C.
Peaceful Atmosphere Blue Room P.V.C.
Plastic Attack Blue Room P.V.C.
Plastic Birth T.I.P. trancentral 5
Infinite Excursions
Plastic City Blue Room P.V.C.
P.V.C. Blue Room P.V.C.
Robotalk Blue Room P.V.C.
Anne Clark
Wallies (mix by Juno Reactor) Sony pulse 6
Der Freund Von Hutmacher BTM Boa Trance
Another Green World
On Lydia's sixth moon Pyramid DeepTrance & Ritual Beats
Triple Vision Pyramid The Chakra Journey
Antediluvian Rocking Horse
Music for the Odd Ocassions Psy Harmonic  
Rigorous Doughnut Symbiosis Funk
Rigorous Doughnut Pt.2    
Dos Guavos    
The Rhythm Sticks Transient Wizardry Of Oz
Tatra   Distance to Goa 3
Anti Matter
Pulse II Matsuri Resonanse Moods
Psychedelic Voodoo
Invocation Twisted Eclipse
Rites of Ra Pyramid Sacred Sites
Temple of the Moon Transient Transient Dawn
Aoula & Lestat
Invaders Krembo Psychedelic Krembo 2
Myst   Dance To CyberTrance
Aphid Moon
Electronic Membrane   trancentral 8
First It Was a Dream Atomic Electrosect
Apollo 3-D
Nature Song Blue Room Made On Earth
Aqua Dive Psy Harmonic  
Creatures Psy Harmonic  
My Secret Garden    
Observations on the Loss of Culture Psy Harmonic  
Roof of the World    
The Awakening    
Axiom Celestial  
Pyrochasm   Definition of Goa
1000 Planets Dragonfly Order Odonata 1
Art Indust
Ethnic Trip BMI/Melodia Trance Mix 2
Od Va Od BMI/Melodia Trance Mix 2
This is News of Trance Melodia Trance Mix 1
Trance Mixim
Art Of Trance
Cambodia Phantasm Psychedelic techno -
Cambodia Platipus Platipus 1
Colours Platipus  
Deeper than Deep Platipus Platipus 1
Gloria Platipus Platipus 1
Octopus(MWNN rmx) Platipus Goa Head
pulse 1
Goa Vibes II
Octopus(MWNN rmx) Transient Transient 2
Sea of Tranqility Platipus Platipus 1
The Colours Platipus Platipus 1
Wild Life On One Platipus  
Asia 2001
7eme Symbol Transpact Strange World
Ama Zone NMC Ama Zone
Angel Ice Koyote  
Antarctica NMC Ama Zone
Arcology Transpact  
Bais 51 NMC Ama Zone
Buddha Compation Transpact Strange World
Cyborg Transpact Strange World
Down To Dusk Trans Pact pulse 2
Full Man Froject NMC Ama Zone
Guarana (Goa beach mix) Transpact  
Guarana Cupana Transpact  
Kalimba Transpact  
Life Storm Transpact Strange World
Lokayaticas Transpact Strange World
Lunar Attraction Koyote  
Processor 5 Transpact Strange World
Red Horizones NMC Ama Zone
Replicant Unreleased  
Strange World Transpact Strange World
Super JV NMC Ama Zone
The Prayer Transpact Strange World
Vertige (Paradiso mix) NMC Ama Zone
Visitors NMC Ama Zone
Zeta Reticuli (Arod Mix) NMC Ama Zone
Astral Projection
Ambience Transient/TIT Astral Files
Ambient Galaxy Phonokol Tantrance 7
Ambient Galaxy
(Disco Valley mix)
Transient/TIT Dancing Galaxy
Andromeda TIT The Next Millenium
Another World Transient/TIT+Phonokol Another World
Aqua Lin Spirit Transient/TIT+Phonokol Another World
Arrival Outmosphere  
Aurora Borealis TIT Trust in Trance 3
Black & White TIT Trust in Trance 3
Butterfly Trip Outmosphere  
Celestial Groove Outmosphere  
Chrystal Outmosphere  
Cosmic Ascension (remix) Trust in Trance Israels Psychedelic Trance 3
Dancing Galaxy Transient/TIT Tantrance 6
Chakra Blue
Dancing Galaxy
Electronic Transient/TIT Tantrance 4
Astral Files
Enlightened Evolution (remix) T.I.P. Tantrance 2
Top of the TIPs 2
Enlightened Evolution (remix) Transient Astral Files
Enlightened Evolution T.I.P./TIT Shiva2
T.I.P. Blue
Pure Goa
Definition of Goa
Trust in Trance 3
Flying into A star Transient/TIT Chakra Red
Dancing Galaxy
Free Tibet Javelin Spiritual Trance 2
Free Tibet Transient Astral Files
Free Tibet T.I.P/TIT Travelling 2
God is a DJ Trust in Trance Psychedelic Vibes 6
Hypnotica Outmosphere  
In-Novation Outmosphere/TIT Trust in Trance 2
In-Novation Blue Room Outside The Reactor
Distance to Goa 2
Ionized Transient/TIT Goa Head 3
Astral Files
Journey Throw Your Mind Outmosphere  
Kabalah T.I.P./TIT Galaxy of Psi-Trance
pulse 2
Trust in Trance 3
Kabalah (new age mix) Transient Astral Files
Let there be Light T.I.P./TIT Shiva1
T.I.P. Orange
Spiritual Trance 1
Life on Mars Transient/TIT Destination Goa 5
Dancing Galaxy
Life on Mars (Oforia remix) TIT The Next Millenium
Life on mars (SFX remix) TIT The Next Millenium
Liquid Sun Transient/TIT Dancing Galaxy
Mahadeva Smart Tantrance 1
Mahadeva ('96 remix) Transient Taste of Transient
Transient 2
Transient 3
Destination Goa 2
Mahadeva Phonokol Goa Head
Mahadeva Outmosphere/TIT Spiritual Trance 1
Trust in Trance 2
Mahadeva'99 Transient/TIT+Phonokol Goa Head 8
Another World
Maian Dream Transient/TIT Tantrance 4
Astral Files
Nilaya Transient/TIT+Phonokol Another World
No one ever Dreams Phonokol/TIT pulse 6
No one Ever Dreams Transient/TIT Dancing Galaxy
Ocean TIT/Symbiosis Balagan
People can Fly TIT Distance to Goa 4
Trust in Trance 3
PowerGen Smart Tantrance 1
PowerGen Outmosphere Trust in Trance 2
PowerGen (live) TIT The Next Millenium
Radial Blur TIT Trust in Trance 3
Searching for UFO's Transient/TIT+Phonokol Tantrance 8
Another World
Solid Electronics TIT Destination Goa 6
Next Millenium
Soundform Transient/TIT Goa Head 5
Israels Psychedelic Trance 2
Dancing Galaxy
State Of Mind Outmosphere  
Still Dreaming
(anything can happen)
TIT Trust in Trance 3
Still on Mars Transient/TIT+Phonokol Another World
TB Light Outmosphere  
The Feelings TIT Trust in Trance 3
Time Began with the Universe (time mix) Matsuri Truth Of Communication
Greetings From Goa
Time began with the Universe Transient/TIT Israels Psychedelic Trance 1
Astral Files
Trance Dance Transient/TIT+Phonokol Another World
Tryptomine Dream Transient/TIT+Phonokol Another World
Utopia TIT Trust in Trance 3
Utopia (concept mix) Transient/TIT Astral Files
Visions of Nasca Transient/TIT+Phonokol Another World
Transient 7
Voodoo Experience Outmosphere  
Y Salem Outmosphere  
Zero Transient/TIT Transient 5
Astral Files
Astral Projection + Deedrah
Zero   Goa Head 3
Astral Projection + DJ Jorg
Cosmic Ascension TIT Goa Head 6
Astral Projection + Chakra
Avi and Rami    
Astral Projection + Transwave
Astral Projection + MFG
Radial Blur TIT Goa Vibes II
The Sleeper must Awake TIT Israels
Psychedelic Trance 1
Afterlife Magic Eye pulse 2
Alien Love Song Magic Eye Tantrance 3
Durgo Transient Earthdance
Every Mothers Son Pyramid Sacred Sites
Four Moons Magic Eye Greetings From Goa
Kalki's Coming Magic Eye Tantrance 2
One Fine Day (remix) Magic Eye  
Tantric AfterGlow Pyramid The Chakra Journey
The Seven Pointed Star Magic Eye Goa Head 4
The Seven Pointed Star (Seven Pointed Star remix Matsuri Sympathy in Chaos 3
Whirlpool Magic Eye pulse 3
Call Of Anasazi Trance Medusa pulse 5
Delos Unreleased Holy Mushroom
Moonraker Trance Medusa Tantrance 6
Spice Odysse   The Prophets of
Psychedelic Trance 2
Tequila Sunrise Astrological Tantrance 7
Goa Head 6
Zyrkon BTM/Sha Ka Ree Boa Trance
Tantrance 5
After Life Flying Rhino Goa Head 8
Fourth Flight
La Danseuse Obsedante Phantasm Surrender to the Vibe
In Nomine Patris BMI/Melodia Trance Mix 2
Croctopus Matsuri Goa Vibes III
High as on LSD Unreleased  
Human Vox (remix) Matsuri Goa Vibes III
U Are Alone Peyote  
Woodwalking Peyote High Times
trancentral 7
Xshattriy Matsuri  
Bad 2 the Bone Flying Rhino Fourth Flight
Drums Don't Stop   Tantrance 8
Klein Aber Doctor Flying Rhino Goa Head 8
Third Flight
The Only Process TIP World Destination Goa 7
Halluci - Nations
Atomic Lens
The Flair Planet Music Trance Generations
Video   Travelling 5
Cone Nebula Krembo Psychedelic Krembo 3
Control My Mind Starchild Tripout
Aus Gang
Wires Blue Room Outside The Reactor
Auto Union
Spiral Galaxy M33 Phantasm Surrender to the Vibe
This is for Real Phantasm Hardtrance &
Psychedelic Techno
Shaddah El Chai Pyramid The Chakra Journey
1 st Warta Agalaja  
Coda POF Nataraja 2
Cosmic Energy (Trance mix) POF Nataraja 3
Axis Mundi
CyberCheese Dragonfly Order Odonata 2
Ayahuascan Chant Concept In Dance Digital Anchemy
Goa Sunrise Unreleased  
Heliotropic Twist Concept In Dance Digital Anchemy
New Moon Dragonfly Voyage Into Trance
Order Odonata 1
Propella Concept In Dance Digital Anchemy
PsychoPharm Concept In Dance Digital Anchemy
Earth Chakra Pyramid The Chakra Journey
Newgrange Pyramid Sacred Sites